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Chinese Food
General Tso's Chicken
Twin Lobster Ginger & Scallion Sauce Black bean Sauce Garlic Sauce Available with: Scallop Oyster

blogTo's"The top 35 Restaurant"

955 Chinese Food is the go-to Chinese food restaurant in this neighbourhood. Some standout items include their crispy beef and homestyle noodles. Delivery here requires a $30 minimum spend.

10 % off for senior(65 y/o) and people with special needs

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OurChef & our goal


Our chef cooked for Chinese Military in 80’s, worked and operated restaurant for last 20 years. with 30+ years of experience and military discipline. He makes sure each dish comes out of his kitchen meets his standard.

Our Goals.

try to bring as many smile as possible
Any allergies to nuts or seafood? we are happy to swap with something else.

Don’t like shelf fish? Swap chicken or others you like. =P

Want whole entire dish in Vegetarian? just say so.


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